We automatically find inconsistencies crossing
information of:



Traveled Distances

Input Consumptions

Inventory Returns

Production Times

Receivable accounts


Services Consumption

Inventory Reports


Acquisition Cost

We give you visibility and control over everything that happens in your company through universal reconciliation

The options are endless:

We automatically reconcile your Database with your ERP and your CRM , Excel with your Inventory software and your Sales Report, Payment gateway with your Non-bank correspondent and your Database

Our Clients

Our Benefits


Control your company’s economic movements by having all your data standardized, verified and reconciled in just one place. Receive automatic alarms and notifications related to your movements so you will never miss any important or unexpected event.


Obtain visibility over every single transaction and their behavior throughout the different transactional sources involved. Access your results directly in your database or dashboards provided by us.


Reconcile as many sources as you need, regardless of their origin, type, format delivery or extraction method. Our dynamic tool allows you to plug and unplug any source whenever you need and create infinite use cases that respond to your company’s needs.


Stop wasting your time, money and resources by reconciling by hand or developing software that drives your business out of your main focus. Reconcile automatically with Simetrik, get your results in seconds and avoid mistakes and fraud.