Maximizing security and scalability: How PedidosYa manages over 30 million monthly operative transactions

PedidosYa is an Uruguayan company and delivery app leading in Latin America. The delivery app operates in 15 countries and is valued at over USD 3 billion. With over 30 million collection transactions processed monthly from a network of more than 31 acquirers, the company handles an enormous amount of data. Such a large volume of information cannot be manually managed and necessitates automated systems.

The challenge

PedidosYa faced a significant problem due to the massive processing of transactions. Manual reviews to detect inconsistencies in reconciliations led to overlooked errors and inconsistencies, resulting in a loss of money.

Preventing financial Losses: The power of timely error identification

With Simetrik’s operational reconciliation solution, PedidosYa consolidated information from multiple countries with just a team of two, effectively managing over 30 million monthly transactions.

Through customized settings and configurations, PedidosYa was able to adapt to changing requirements and new market rules while maintaining complete process traceability, visibility, and control.

By centralizing its operational information, PedidosYa achieved having a single source of truth for its transactions, enabling the team to efficiently manage high volumes of data from diverse sources and formats. With Simetrik’s flexible configurations, the team could quickly identify and manage inconsistencies and generate insightful reports for more informed decision-making.

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